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We would like to show you here what to expect from LOGO und hope you find this information useful.

How can Logo help?

Logo helps families who are not at present able to solve difficult family situations themselves, and who feel stressed by the upbringing of their children.

For example: frequent quarrelling within the family, insecurity concerning the upbringing and education of the children, setting rules and limits, children´s behavioural difficulties, problems with school or kindergarten or after the parents´ separation.

We have experience of issues parents have to deal with. So we accompany families at difficult times and develop solutions together with them.

Who can apply for help?

Parents are entitled to receive support („Hilfe zur Erziehung“) according to the law („Kinder- und Jugendhilfegesetz“). They can apply for help with the „Jugendamt“, if the problems or difficulties of their child are so severe that they could have a negative impact on the child´s development.

What does our help involve?

We work with the people who live together as a familiy, with separated parents, partly only with the children or with separate family members, depending on what might help solve the problem.

In most cases we work as a co-team (male and female) and visit the family at their home; the meetings can also take place in our location. Our teams are social workers, teachers or psychologists, who have also trained as family therapists.

With the consent of the familiy the Jugendamt authorizes LOGO to start working with the family. The Jugendamt pays for the costs.

Protection of privacy and transparency is very important to us. Therefore meetings with the „Jugendamt“, schools or other institutions take place together with the parents. Exceptions are discussed with the parents beforehand, also written reports. We are bound to observe confidentiality.

If help is necessary because a child´s welfare is endangered („Kindeswohlgefährdung“), we support parents to recognize such harmful situations (for example with lack of supervision, violence within the family, drug abuse, etc.) and to avert the dangerous situation as quickly as possible.

How to receive our help?

The way to seek help is via the “Jugendamt” and “Allgemeiner Sozialer Dienst” Within the aid plan (“Hilfeplanverfahren”), where the Jugendamt meets with the family and maybe other qualified helpers the participants decide if and what kind of help is necessary and useful. Also other conditions are set up: aims, time, how many sessions and location, etc.

Talk to your contact person at the Jugendamt, if you are looking for help with family matters.

Who is LOGO?

LOGO is a non-profit-making company for systemic/family therapeutic help and approved agency of „Freie Jugendhilfe“. All our employees have committed themselves to treating the families and connected persons with respect and high regard – regardless of their age, gender, ethnic background, culture, status, sexual orientation, ideology or religion.

Some of our employees speak foreign languages. However most sessions are usually in German.